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Company Formation Overview

Offshore Company Formation

Gecko Corporate Services offer offshore company incorporation and professional corporate services in many jurisdictions. We understand that each business is unique and requires careful understanding of the benefits of any jurisdiction.

Investment Company

A company is the ideal vehicle to hold your investments such as shares, property or cash deposits. This will also allow you to maximise confidentiality and ensure privacy of your holdings.

Asset Protection

An offshore company combined with the appropriate Trust will offer an effective solution to protect your assets and ensure earnings from your wealth are distributed according to your wishes.

Tax Planning

Careful structuring of your business can ensure that your company takes advantage of double taxation agreements and allow you to mitigate unnecessary taxes in other jurisdictions.

International Trade

A business that trades between countries can often benefit from an offshore company allowing the majority of profits to be taxed in a low or nil-tax jurisdiction.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property through an offshore company also allows you to manage the licensing of your rights in an efficient and tax effective manner.

Property Company

Significant savings from Capital Gains tax and Inheritance tax can be achieved when using a company to hold commercial or residential property.

Please look through some of the benefits of an Isle of Man Company and a BVI Company. We can incorporate any jurisdiction required, including Gibraltar, Nevis and Anguilla - all depending on your needs for the purpose of your company.

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