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Isle of Man Company Formation

Isle of Man company formation

An Isle of Man limited company is the ideal vehicle for many types of business, whether a holding company for property or shares/funds or as a trading structure for worldwide business.

The Isle of Man has close ties with the UK but is a self-governing Crown dependent. This allows for a range of competitive advantages that you would expect from a respected and licensed offshore jurisdiction.

The benefits of an Isle of Man Company

  • Zero Corporation Tax – profits on a company are taxed at 0% (banking and insurance business are taxed at 10%)
  • Zero Capital Gains Tax – on the sale of the holdings no tax will be paid on the capital gain.
  • Zero Inheritance tax – property held within an Isle of Man company will not pay any inheritance tax in the estate of the ultimate owner.
  • Zero Stamp duty – in certain cases stamp duties on the transfer of the property/holdings can also be mitigated.
  • VAT registration – an Isle of Man company can register for VAT for EU trade and sales.

What's included

  • Professional Directors, Company Secretary, Corporate shareholder
  • Registered Offices and registered Agent (where applicable)
  • Offshore management and administration of your company
  • Statutory filing (Annual returns, Income tax)
  • All company documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, share certificates, etc).

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has a first class reputation as a well-regulated international business and finance centre - as reinforced by Moody's and Standard & Poor's "AAA" accreditation - and is easily accessible from London and Dublin.

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