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Jersey Company Formation

Jersey Company Formation

An offshore company in Jersey is actually referred to as a Jersey Exempt Company and such a company is not subject to any local taxes as long as it fulfills the strict guidelines and criteria as defined in the ‘Income Tax Jersey, Guide To The Exempt Company (1996 1-9)’ document.

As Jersey has such a stable political and economic environment and attractive taxation structure it is highly regarded as an offshore jurisdiction.

The benefits of a Jersey Company

  • Investing in property, securities and other assets.
  • Acting as a group holding company.
  • Holding and exploiting patents and copyrights.
  • Facilitating the collection of commissions and consultancy fees.
  • Employing an internationally based work force.

What's included:

  • Professional Directors, Company Secretary, Corporate shareholder.
  • Registered Offices and registered Agent (where applicable).
  • Offshore management and administration of your company.
  • Statutory filing (Annual returns, Income tax) and all.
  • All company documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, share certificates, etc.).


Jersey is a tax neutral jurisdiction and using a Jersey company for structuring international financing transactions can be beneficial in terms of company law provisions and tax treatment.

Additional benefits include separate legal identity, limited liability for shareholders and ease of transfer of ownership. Share capital can be denominated in any currency and issued in various classes, including redeemable shares. The ability to incorporate “no par value” companies has added yet more flexibility. These features enable Jersey companies to be structured to meet a wide variety of business purposes.

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