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Mauritius Company Formation

Mauritius Company Formation

Mauritius is a thriving international business centre situated in the Indian Ocean. The Mauritian authorities have actively encouraged offshore activity and foreign investment and have introduced a variety of incentives to attract worldwide investment.

There are two types of Mauritius Company and each has their benefits. The GBC1 Company is a Mauritius company treated as a tax resident and is liable for the taxes on it's profit. However, they are also entitled to a wide range of double taxation treaties and are particularly favourable with those trading and investing in India.

The GBC2 Company is a private entity that conducts business outside of Mauritius and is a good structure for holding and managing private assets. There is a high level of privacy protection and the GBC2 acts like many of the IBC counterparts. The GBC2 is also permitted to convert to a GBC1.

The benefits of a Mauritius Company

  • Low or nil Taxes payable – profits and income arising from the company are not subject to tax so long as the trade was not within Belize.
  • Only one Director and one Shareholder is required and these can be the same person.
  • Cost effective ongoing maintenance.
  • Good access to India – with a number of Double Taxation agreements in place.

What's included:

  • Professional Directors on the Member companies, Company Secretary, Corporate shareholder Registered Offices and registered Agent (where applicable).
  • Offshore management and administration of your company.
  • Statutory filing (Annual returns, if any).
  • All company documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, share certificates, etc.).


Mauritius has a diverse culture and this can be seen through many of its festivals throughout the year. The financial development has gone through many changes with the introduction new international requirements and compliance – which makes the country an attractive jurisdiction for investment with a well regulated offshore centre.

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