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United Kingdom

United Kingdom Company Formation

The United Kingdom can provide a number of company structures that allow for a UK presence while ensuring a tax efficient process on the profits of the company. A UK LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) has the advantages of a UK address and bank account - ideal for International business - but has the potential for all profits to be taxed in an offshore jurisdiction - essentially allowing for zero taxation on the trade.

The United Kingdom is a widely accepted jurisdiction and has an excellent profile in worldwide business. The company is transparent through the Companies House registration and files accounts and an annual return.

The benefits of a United Kingdom LLP

  • Zero Corporation Tax – profits arising from outside the UK can be taxed in a tax-free jurisdiction.
  • VAT registration - in some circumstances the company can be VAT registered for EU trade and sales
  • Fiscally transparent - the profits of the business are taxed on the partners of the LLP
  • UK address for invoicing and contract purposes

What's included

  • Professional Members, Company Secretary and Corporate shareholder on the member companies
  • Registered Offices in prestigious location
  • Management and administration of your UK LLP and offshore partner companies
  • Statutory filing (Annual returns, Income tax)
  • All company documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, share certificates, etc).

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has excellent trade and banking facilities and is the sixth largest economy in the world. With good travel connections and communications infrastructure makes the UK a good centre for your International business.

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