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Offshore Corporate Solutions

Gecko Corporate Services offer a range of corporate solutions tailored to the particular needs of the business in question. We offer the flexibility and versatility required to ensure a corporate solution is in place quickly and efficiently - ensuring that your business runs smoothly and without undue delays.

Yacht Management

The Isle of Man has an excellent standard in Yacht registration and allows for a tax effective registration of large class Yachts and ships. If the Yacht is used for business purposes the Yacht can also be VAT registered for any necessary VAT reclaim within European waters.

Aircraft Registration

The Isle of Man aircraft registry offers an established and international registration for commercial aircraft.


The e-gaming industry has developed into an exciting and prosperous industry over the past few years and the Isle of Man offers one of the most reputable e-commerce jurisdictions in the world.

Real Estate & Property

Owning commercial or large residential property through an offshore structure can allow for savings in taxes and ensure confidentiality for the ultimate owner.

Asset Protection

An offshore company allows for effective protection of your assets - allowing you to decide how to invest the wealth generated from such assets and ensure they are kept in a tax-effective jurisdiction.

Film Production

The Isle of Man film commission allows for great tax incentives for film production on the Island.

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