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Real Estate & Property Management

The United Kingdom is an excellent location to invest in property - and through an offshore structure the tax liabilities can be reduced.

The property will be held in a tax effective jurisdiction (typically a British Virgin Islands or Isle of Man company) and the shares held in Trust for the owner. As the property is owned by an offshore company that is managed and controlled offshore - a number of tax benefits can be applied. The property can also be rented (upon application to the Inland Revenue as a non-resident landlord).

Benefits of the structure include

  • Zero Capital Gains Tax - on the sale of the property no tax will be paid on the capital gain.
  • Zero Inheritance Tax - the property would not pay any inheritance tax in the estate of the ultimate owner.
  • Zero Stamp Duty - in certain cases stamp duties on the transfer of the property can also be mitigated.

Income tax arising from the rent of the property may also be reduced against interest paid on a mortgage and other deductible charges.

The structure is suitable for non-domiciled and non-UK taxpayer's who wish to take advantage of the excellent return of rental income and the potential growth of UK property.

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